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KyuMin en We Heart It.

which side to take?

which side to take?

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Henry’s message to his mom.

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Because you're cute and full of aegyo!

KyuMin with DJ Kangin in Chunji Radio
What do you think is your charm? DJ Kangin:
…..Aegyo? Sungmin:
Show us some aegyo~ DJ Kangin:
To be honest, i don’t think it’s aegyo, but many people say it’s aegyo, so I started thinking….maybe…is this aegyo? maybe it is? Sungmin:
Exactly. People tell you to stop trying to be cute, because YOU ARE CUTE. Like that, people tell you to stop doing aegyo, because you’re full of aegyo. Kyuhyun (to Sungmin):
Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! DJ Kangin:
….what’re you saying? Sungmin (to Kangin):
Can’t you see we’re creating peace together? Kyuhyun (to Kangin):
Yeah, we’re complimenting each other. Sungmin (to Kangin):
So what do you think is your complex? (changes topic) DJ Kangin:


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Kyuhyun: Donghae cried like this… ㅋㅋ

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Gunhee instagram update feat. Heechul in some fan fic inspiered, pov type shit

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the reason why hyukjae is saved as “armpit hyung” in kyuhyun’s phone

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I’m happy that Somin and Sojin are not chosen for Kara cause now this may open the possibility for them to debut as another group all together. I hope they don’t leave DSP just yet because I remember Sojin saying this was her last chance or something.

So what’s the deal? I always thought there were going to be two members added to Kara, and yet they’re making a comeback as 4?