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Super Junior was my heaven gates to Korean music.

Super Junior,EXO and CNBLUE are not the only groups I love.
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FANDOM HUG (~ ̄▽ ̄)~

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i kinda…


just wanna…





you know what I mean?

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Yubi being a saint putting up w/ the 83 line

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Sungmin pls

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SW: Get Down.

EH: Don’t want.


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The relationship between ELF & Super Junior ♥

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That’s one way of torturing someone….

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i don’t think i can ever win against EXO in shipping our otps

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this is the reality I’ve always wanted…(x)

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luhan hugging sehun after he reached the finish line

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Super Junior demonstrating how to use the word Mamacita

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She likes my Shirt Shirt Shirt Shirt

Pretty sure that 4th gif on him running his hand down his shirt is illegal, but then so is the crotch grabbing in the 3rd gif and the booty shaking in the last two.

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Donghae (wearing ripped pants) was talking, Hyukjae keep on use his fingers to poke Donghae’s skin/flesh from those holes, Donghae keep on blocking Hyukjae with his hands, then Donghae slap Hyukjae, Hyukjae keep on touching, when Donghae talk about Hyukjae, Hyukjae lick his fingers and touch Donghae thighs, Donghae touch that spot and then kiss his own hand, Hyukjae got embarrassed and pat Donghae neck.

[fanaccby: witheunhae,; trans by: eunhaebemine]

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140903 SMTOWN NOW update with Super Junior + Red Velvet

140903 SMTOWN NOW update with Super Junior + Red Velvet

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